A Hasty Introduction.

Hi! I’m willing to bet most people reading this don’t know me as of now. Let’s change that. For my own convenience, I’m going to shamelessly lift my Twitter bio and drop it down here, as is.

So here’s a quick rundown: I’m Hammad Ahmad Khan: Gamer, Tech Enthusiast, Tennis-Watcher-But-Not-Player, Would Be Writer, Book Reader, Anime/Manga Aficionado, Photographer and Generally Awesome In Every Other Way Imaginable. Barring that last bit, all of that is more or less veracious and it should give you a good idea of what this blog is going to be about.

So that’s that. The first of many more pointless blog posts to come. Hopefully not the last.


EDIT: And before I forget, thanks to the wonderful people over at InnBrooklyn for coaxing me to make my own blog. Check their site out, it’s better than mine :D.